TIME Magazine’s 50 Greatest Places in the World 2023 features Ladakh

VoL Desk, March 24: TIME Magazine has recently released its list of “World’s Greatest Places in 2023”, featuring 50 extraordinary destinations to explore. Among these destinations are India’s Mayurbhanj district in Odisha and the Union Territory of Ladakh. Mayurbhanj has been chosen for its endangered black tigers and historic temples, while Ladakh is known for its astonishing alpine landscapes and Tibetan Buddhist culture, as well as its adventures and cuisine.

TIME Magazine’s Senior Editor, Emma Barker Bonomo, mentioned that the list reflects two big trends in travel right now: sustainability and authenticity. Many of the destinations on the list are finding ways to let tourists visit with a more limited environmental impact, while others are offering indigenous-led tours or curated homestays for a unique, local experience.

In Ladakh, visitors can experience Delhi’s legendary eateries Karim’s and Nathu’s Sweets, which both opened outlets in Leh in August 2022. They can also try Cafe Montagne, which opened in July 2022, for a meal of tempura fried prawns with sea buckthorn, fondue, or spicy fried chicken. For those heading to Turtuk Village, about a 5-hour drive from Leh, Farmer’s House Cafe is another newly-established eatery that opened in July 2022 and offers sushi, Himalayan herbs salad with local cheese, or hand-rolled pasta with walnut sauce. Ladakh also recently designated its first Dark Sky Reserve in Hanle Village, about 168 miles southeast of Leh, to protect its natural beauty.

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Mayurbhanj is the only place on earth where visitors can spot the exceedingly rare black tiger. This April, Mayurbhanj Chhau, a captivating dance festival on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, will take place on a much larger scale following a pandemic hiatus.

Overall, the travel industry is back in full swing in 2023, but with notable shifts in how and where people wander. The destinations featured in TIME Magazine’s list of World’s Greatest Places in 2023 reflect these changes and offer travelers unique and sustainable experiences.


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