General Elections 2023 Held for School Executive Bodies at GHS Sankoo

VoL Desk, March 31: The nomination and election of the executive bodies for the upcoming academic season took place at GHS Sankoo. The democratic process was actively participated by students from various houses, including Iqbal, Gandhi, Azad, Nehru, and others.

After a fair and democratic process, Zehra Batool, a 10th-grade student, was elected as the president of the school’s executive bodies. The other elected members include Sakina Banoo as Vice president, Roqiya Banoo as General secretary, Bintul Huda as cultural secretary, and Masuma Banoo as sports secretary.

The event was led by Headmaster Mr. Mohd Jawad, Master Talib Hussain, and Master Khadim Hussain, who supervised the election process. Mr. Hussain Barkat, a teacher, coordinated the event.

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Both the staff and students actively participated in the democratic process, and they assured the elected bodies of their active involvement in school affairs, particularly issues relevant to the students.

The smooth functioning and streamlining of co-curricular activities during the upcoming academic season are expected to be maintained with the election of the new executive bodies. Congratulations to the newly elected executive bodies at GHS Sankoo!


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