Week of Mehdaviyat: Basij-e-Ruhanion, IKMT Taisuru conducts Program

VoL Desk, March 10, 2022: On eve of Mehdaviyat week, as part of the Birth Anniversary of Imam Mehdi (ATF) a program was organised at Suru valley by Basij-e-Ruhanion in collaboration with IKMT taisuru branch.

A delegation comprised of Rohaniun and representatives of all IKMT branches attended the program wherein hundreds of local folk from the surrounding villages attended.

Different clerics of Basij e Ruhanion and Shaikh Jalil, Head IKMT Suru branch threw light on the topic of Mehdawiyat. More such events are in pipelines to organize in a different parts of the District during the week of Mehdaviyat.


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