Construction materials, debris causing inconvenience in Leh town

VoL Desk, March 29, 2022: Office of the Executive Officer, Municipal Committee, Leh in a fresh notice has intimated the public against dumping construction and demolition waste materials/ debris on roadside and footpaths in Leh town where violators will be fined.

The notice maintained that instances have come to the notice of the office that construction and demolition activities are taking place in various wards of Municipal Committee, Leh, and debris/ malbas/ construction materials are being dumped on the roadside, which creates inconvenience to the commuters and general public.

Construction and Demolition wastes stored outside construction sites and along roadsides are a cause of traffic congestion, mishaps, obstruction in the flow of wastewater leading, and urban flooding.

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Municipal Committee, Leh shall not allow the dumping of any construction and demolition waste on the roadside in the Leh town area. Anyone found violating the notice in Leh town after 31st March 2022 shall be penalized with a fine of minimum of Rs. 20000/- and their materials will be seized, read the notice.


  1. The same is true with district Kargil as well. Firstly we have not left any space on the sides of roads especially NH1. Secondly, dumping wastes, keeping water tanks, logs, construction materials and parking of vehicles has resulted in many bottlenecks in many places particularly Andoo, TV station, Bemathang etc.
    It is high time that MC Kargil and other stakeholders should take concrete steps to clear the roads and prevent from any future mishap and inconvenience.

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