Bazm-e-Adab, IKMT Conducts workshop for clergyman over usage of local language

KARGIL, DECEMBER 21, 2021: Bazm-e-Adab, IKMT, Kargil organized a three days long workshop for religious preachers, and Makatib teachers on usage of mother tongue in their lectures and sermons.

The event held at Imam Khomeini tower, where Chairman IKMT Sheikh Sadiq Rajai, member Guardian Council, IKMT Asgar Ali Karbalai, Vice Chairman religious affairs, IKMT Sheikh Bashir Shakir, clergy members of Baseej e Ruhanion, and members of Bazm-e-Adab attended the opening session here on Tuesday.

The event begin with the recitation of Holy Quran.

Speaking on the occasion, Asgar Karbalai emphasised that the program on the theme “Phaskat e Zbyang Zdar” is aimed to propagate usage of local dialect in the preaching and sermons of Ramazan, Moharram, Eid, Mourning and other congregations. He appealed to avoid unnecessary usage of external languages during their lectures.

Bazm-e-Adab member Mohammad Ali Nousheen while speaking on the occasion highlighted the importance of mother tongue in speaking and understanding in dialogue. He also pointed towards use of external words by the preachers in their lectures and sermons.

He divided the audience of semons and congregations among three groups. First is probably 30 percent of the population which is illetrate for which understanding of external languages like Urdu, English or Persian is not possible.

The second group is partially or moderately literate that makes 50 percent of the population. They are aware of some commonly used languages like Urdu, but to understand English or Persian wording is hard for them.

However, the third and literate section hardly makes 20 percent. Thus the usage of local language in its purest possible form is necessary for the good of large section of the society.

Purigi linguist and Bazm-e-Adab member Mohd Issa Sabiri gave a PowerPoint presentation on the theme “Purik and Purigi: A panoramic view”. The sermons in Kargil what is known as Song’shat in Purigi includes a lot of external words that is complicating the lectures for the audience.

He informed and identified the teachers, clergymen and preacher over usage of Urdu, Persian and Arabic words in their sermons and provided them Purgi and Balti alternatives to purify their language.

He further gave a brief introduction of Purigi area and different languages and dialect that are currently in use in the area.


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