Woman claims her baby replaced in Kashmir hospital, DNA tests to decide parents

Neyaz Elahi

Anantnag, May 28, KNT: Doctors in a hospital here in South Kashmir have decided to send DNA samples of two newborn female babies for paternity tests after a mother alleged that after the delivery her baby was replaced.

The strange incident occurred on Thursday late night at Sub-District Hospital Kokarnag area of South Kashmir’s Anantnag district.

Hospital sources told news agency Kashmir News Trust that two ladies, one from Sagam area while another from Takiya Magam village gave birth to two female babies at the same time in the hospital.

The doctors performed normal deliveries and told them that they have given birth to female babies. However, lady from Takiya Magam village who is the wife of one Syed Mohsin claimed that the new born female baby lying with the lady (wife of Feroz Ahmed Bala) from Sagam village is actually her baby.

The confusion over babies compelled doctors to intervene who decided to conduct DNA tests to ascertain the facts.

A medico confirmed that there was a confusion and they have decided to send the DNA samples of two newborn female babies for paternity tests to prove the claim of the woman from Takiya Magam village. (KNT)


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