Massive rally held in Kargil on International Quds Day

KARGIL, APRIL 07, 2021: Showing solidarity with the people of Palestine and Al-Quds, thousands of people staged a massive rally here in Kargil to mark the International Quds Day 2021. Eyeing on the rising COVID-19 cases in India, the gathering followed proper social distancing, face masks and other Covid Appropriate Behaviors.

After the Friday prayers on the auspicious occasion of Jumma tul Wida at Musalla Imam Khomeini Minji, people moved towards Kargil city for the massive Al Quds protest gathering.

The procession embarked under the banner of Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) from Jama Masjid Kargil and culminated at Hussaini Park. The people were carrying flags of Palestine and placards that read slogans for Palestine and against Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, and Britain. Clerics from Kargil led the procession with the first few lines consist of clerics.

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On the rally culminating point at Hussaini Park speakers addressed the gathering. The event began with recitation of Holy Quran by Sheikh Ibrahim Karimi.

Speaking on the occasion, member Guardian Council IKMT Asgar Ali Karbalai gave a brief history from decline of Ottoman Empire and illegal establishment of occupied Israel state. He kept the British and Al Saud family responsible for clandestinely destroying the Ottoman Empire.

Karbalai said that the issue of Al Quds is not only an issue of Palestinian people, a particular region or a group; but it is an issue of Muslim Ummah. He strongly condemned the illegal occupation of Palestine and use of force on prayers in Al Aqsa Mosque.

He further condemned the attempt of the United States and Western Countries to declare Jerusalem as Capital of Israel. He appealed the United Nations and UN Security Council to responsibly play their role in protection of human rights and interests of Palestinian people.

Remembering the sacrifice of Iranian General Qassem Solaimani, he said that his sacrifice was for the interest of Al Quds that resulted in empowerment of Hamas, Al Jihad and other freedom fighter groups in Palestine. He further said that the forecast of Ayatollah Khamenei to eliminate Israel from world map is becoming true in action.

Karbalai Said that the people of Kargil also should act on the historical call of Ayatollah Khomeini. Accordingly, they shall continue to stand with the oppressed and down trodden people across the globe which is a religious obligation on every Muslim.

Speaking on the prevailing condition of Covid-19 pandemic, Karbalai kept the policies of BJP led Union Government responsible for soaring Covid cases in the country. He further urged the administration to speedup Covid-19 testing of passengers coming from outside the district.

Pointing towards the consequences of bifurcation of erstwhile J&K State and formation of Union Territory of Ladakh, Karbalai flayed the administration over rising unemployment issues and national level bidding of minor mineral blocks.

Chairman Guardian Council Sheikh Mohammad Mohaqiq delivered the concluding presidential sermon. He said that the day of Quds is a day to show solidarity with the oppressed people across the globe and to stand firm against oppressors. He concluded the session with prayers and best wishes for the people of Palestine.


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