Hands-on Training on the Upgraded LIFMS conducted for Animal, Sheep & Fisheries Dept. 

Leh, July 09: The Department of Finance, UT Ladakh, through its LIFMS section, conducted a comprehensive hands-on training session on the newly upgraded Ladakh Integrated Financial Management System (LIFMS) today on July 9. 

This training was specifically designed for the Department of Animal, Sheep, and Fisheries and was held at the NIELET Centre. The aim of the training was to familiarize the participants with the latest technical modifications and changes in the LIFMS. 

A total of 20 participants took part in this session. Nodal Officer, LIFMS, Jigmet Namgyal along with other staff members, conducted the training. They guided the participants through various modules of the system, ensuring they gained practical knowledge and could effectively utilize the upgraded LIFMS in their respective roles.  

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This training is part of the continuous efforts by the Department of Finance, UT Ladakh to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of financial management across various departments.

Key attendees included the Budget Controlling Authority, Budget Controlling Officers, and Drawing and Disbursing Officers from the Animal, Sheep, and Fisheries Department. 


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