BYCS India’s SheCycling Initiative Brings Bicycle Literacy to Women in Leh

Leh, Juy 08: SheCycling, a nationwide bicycle literacy campaign based in Kerala for women by
BYCS India organised a three day cycling learning camp for women in Leh.

The camp was organised at and with the support of Disko Valley Bike Park Leh. The camp in Leh
was a small but first of its kind initiative supported by Stawa, The Nookad Vibes and The Zen.

Prakash P. Gopinath and Zeenath M.A. were the organizers and conducted the camp as Senior National Project Coordinators.

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SheCycling has conducted multiple camps in Kerala and came to Ladakh after its last camp in Srinagar last month.

The camps aim at increasing the mobility of the women through cycle literacy and
encourages them to enhance their confidence and independence. The goal of the camp
was to increase the learning sustainability by turning learners into teachers locally.


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