Skarma Dadul is the real President of LBA Kargil, says LBA President Thupstan Chewang

VoL Desk, Jan. 13: After a meeting in Jammu between Apex Body and Kargil Democratic Alliance, Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA) President Thupstan Chewang addressed a press conference today in Leh to clear the apprehensions and misconceptions in Leh regarding the rejection of High-Powered Committee by Ladakh leadership.

“There are some confusions being created in Leh; thus, I came here in Leh and convened a meeting with the members of the Apex Body today”, said Thupstan Chewang.

He also informed the public about the decisions made in the meeting with Kargil Democratic Alliance.  He said that the Ministry of Home Affairs-led High Power Committee was rejected by Ladakh leadership because of some reasons.

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The committee has included Tsewang Nurbu as President LBA Kargil, however, the actual president of the LBA Kargil, which is a branch of LBA, is Skarma Dadul. Thus, we have requested to replace Skarma Dadul in place of Tsewang Nurbu, said Thupstan.

The KDA also had objections to the said member as he is not a member of the Kargil Democratic Alliance. The second, important thing is the exclusion of the Sunni community from the High-Powered Committee over which both Apex body and KDA had apprehension.

Third, the agenda to discuss in the meeting should be clear and explicit that must include the key agenda of Ladakh. We are not against talks and dialogues, but the agenda for the meeting should be clear including the four points agenda. When these issues are not included in the agenda for the meeting, we did not find it logical to take part in the dialogue, said Thupstan.

Pertinent to mention that the Ladakh Buddhist Association in a press release on January 03, had expressed concern about the inclusion of Tsewang Nurbu as President LBA Kargil instead of Skarma Dadul.

“The LBA noticed that besides the members of the Apex Body of Leh and KDA Sh. Tsewang Norboo is also included in the list as part of KDA in the said Committee in capacity of President of LBA Kargil. The Ladakh Buddhist Association strongly object to the inclusion of Sh. Tsewang Norboo in the as he is not the President of LBA Kargil. Sh. Skarma Dadul is the recognised President of the LBA Kargil. Therefore Sh. Skarma Dadul should be included in the Committee instead of Sh. Tsewang Norboo”, read the press release.

However, on January 05, the Ladakh Buddhist Association Youth Wing, Branch Kargil, in a press release expressed gratitude and thanks to the Ministry of Home Affairs for the formation of the High-Powered Committee saying that the committee is “inclusive and multilateral involving all quarters”.

“We are very extremely happy and thankful to Government of India for including Mr Tsewang Nurboo, President, LBA Kargil as representative of Buddhist Minorities of Kargil who is a well-qualified, educated and dynamic leader with all requisite skills and ability to lead Buddhist Minorities of Kargil”, read the press release.

“It is disheartening to know that the LBA Leh has released a press note against LBA Kargil purely based on petty politics and personal vendetta. The press release clearly indicates that by disowning a publically (publicly) elected and accepted president of LBA Kargil, LBA Leh has betrayed not only the Buddhists of Kargil but whole Buddhist community in general and particularly Buddhist youths”, the press release maintained.


  1. Skarma DADUL is only president for thupstan Tsewang and lakrook
    Not for KARGIL Buddhist and for your kind information LBA KARGIL president is Mr Tsewang NORBOO.

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